The Community Circus Arts Corporation (CCAC) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation founded in 1986. CCAC was established for educational and charitable purposes including the support, promotion, and assistance to youth, social, and community circuses and other manifestations of circus art forms, with a specific focus on the history and tradition of circus in Redlands, California, that began when Roy Coble started the Great All-American Youth Circus in 1929.

CCAC dues and contributions help promote Redlands' circus heritage, specifically through the Great All-American Youth Circus program and its annual performances, by providing funding for supplemental scholarships, costumes, printed show programs, concessions, merchandise, production of the video recording of the show, and much more. CCAC's most important role, however, is to foster the circus community in Redlands by providing supplemental training opportunities for circus trainers, organizing volunteers and community outreach events, and engaging with other youth, community, and social circuses through membership and participation in organizations like American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO), American Circus Educators (ACE), and Circus Now. Membership in CCAC is a great way to help preserve and grow the circus culture in Redlands, so click here and join CCAC today.